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Water & Collaboration Earrings


Give the gift of safe, affordable water by purchasing a pair of beautiful water earrings for $20.

100% of the proceeds go to CWC programs.

earrings_blue.JPGearrings_white.JPG collaboration_earrings.JPG

Water / Shui  水  (Blue or White)

Collaboration / He 合   (Green)

These unique earrings are created by Pattie Porter Firestone, a sculptor in Washington, D.C., and the mother of Co-Executive Director Laurel Firestone! The earrings are sculptural interpretations of the Chinese character for water (shui) and collaboration (he). Wear them yourself or gift them to a friend to symbolize the beauty and importance of water and collaboration and show your support for water justice! 

If you would like to donate in the name of a friend or family member, let us know and we will mail the earrings to that individual with a special note signed by Co-Directors Susana De Anda and Laurel Firestone. 

Thank you! Your donation supports CWC's work to ensure all communities have access to safe, affordable water. 


Please fill out the survey after your donation to indicate: the recipient's name and mailing address; whether you're sending them as a gift (and if so if you would like to be acknowledged as the gift giver); and which color you prefer. Many other colors are available, but they will take additional time to ship and may not arrive in time for the holidays. If you prefer a different color, we will send you a special note and let you know when they should arrive. If you have any questions or other specific instructions, please email Natalie Garcia at


*Fair market value for the water earrings is $20. Any donation of more than $20 is a tax deductible donation and CWC will provide you with a tax receipt reflecting the amount in excess of $20.