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Support Safe and Affordable Water for all Californians!

Right now, there are funding sources to pay for the construction of drinking water treatment plants and other capital infrastructure costs, but no funds to help pay for operations and maintenance of those systems in low-income communities. This critical funding gap has kept safe drinking water out of reach for more than one million Californians who are impacted by unsafe drinking water. Senate Bill 623 (Monning) will create a new Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, which will provide resources to ensure all California communities can provide safe drinking water at affordable rates to rate-payers, as well as support for other emergency and long-term drinking water solutions.

You can support the historic campaign to address a critical funding gap and ensure California guarantees safe and affordable water for all. We're hard at work with our community partners on a campaign to get solutions for California's drinking water crisis, and we need as much support as possible.
300 communities and one million Californians lack access to safe drinking water. Senate Bill 623 (by Senator Bill Monning) would create much-needed a new Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. Donate today to support the community-driven campaign for this vital funding!


AGUA Member Raquel Sanchez and her children traveled to Sacramento in July from the community of Tulare to support SB 623. 

Please make your check payable “Community Water Center” and send it along with a completed Donation Form to: Community Water Center, 900 W. Oak Ave., Visalia, CA 93291.

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If you would like a pair of beautiful water earrings to show your support for water justice, please donate using this page.